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Autonomous Gas Power Station
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Autonomous Gas Power Station

Generation system created on the basis of a gas-piston engine that allows converting the internal energy of the fuel (gas) into electricity energy


Service life, not less than (years) 10
Voltage (V) 400
Versions На раме, в контейнере, 1-3 степени автоматизации
Unit weight (kg) 1450
Height (mm) 1800
Width (mm) 1020
Length (mm) 2480
Gas (methane) consumption (нм3) 14
Nominal current (A) 54
Nominal power (kW) 30
Generator brand LSA 43.2 S15
Base engine brand Д243 (Минск)

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Autonomous Gas Power Station - Description

Gas-piston power station is a generation system, created on the basis of a gas-piston engine that allows converting the internal energy of the fuel (gas) into electricity energy. It is possible to obtain two types of energy (heat and electricity) and this process called "cogeneration". When there is a technology that allows even to get cold used in gas-piston power stations (very important for ventilation, refrigerating warehouses, industrial cooling), then this technology will be called "trigeneration". For the trigeneration complexes, the heat is converted into cold on chillers.

Electrical installations are designed to supply consumers with alternating three-phase current of 400 V and frequency of 50 Hz. Installations of 2-3rd degree of automation provide a network reserve, according to customer’s requirement they can provide parallel work of several installations or with the network.

The advantages of autonomous power installations using gas-piston engine as the primary energy source, are:

  • short installation time;
  • quick start;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • possibility of simultaneous production of electric and thermal energy;
  • high fuel efficiency and low cost of energy.

Using the principle of cogeneration and conversion of a power station into a mini-CHP allows to significantly improve economic characteristics of a power unit and to increase the fuel utilization factor from 30-35% in the case of generating electricity only up to 80-85% when operating in the cogeneration mode.

Autonomous Gas Power Station - Additional information

Design of gas (gas-piston) units (GPU)

A gas-piston engine, which is an ICE with external mixture formation and a spark ignition of the combustible mixture in the combustion chamber, is used as a power unit in GPU. In the gas engine, the energy released by combustion of fuel produces mechanical work on a shaft that is used to generate electricity by electric current generator. Gas engines are used to operate in generator sets intended for constant and periodic operation (peak loads) with combined generation of electricity and heat (mini-TPP), as well as emergency power sources.

Р – radiator, ДВИГАТЕЛЬ – engine, ГАЗ - gas, Н – pump, ТК – three-way valve, ВОЗДУХ - air, ПС – combustion products, К – cock, Внешний контур теплоснабжения - External heat supply circuit, ТО – heat exchanger, БП – bypass.

With heat recovery (installation of heat exchangers for heating the coolant by combustion products and engine cooling system), it is possible to achieve an increase in efficiency (fuel efficiency ratio). The amount of heat produced at the mini-CHP directly depends on electrical load of the complex and is approximately 1.2-1.3 of the electrical load for foreign engines (with a higher mechanical efficiency) and 1.3-1.5 for domestic engines. The overall efficiency is approximately the same and amounts to 81-85%. The heat exchange unit consists of a plate heat exchanger to recover heat of the cooling liquid (water, glycol), heat exchangers, utilizing heat of the combustion products, engine radiator, fan with the electric drive cooled by the air flow, bypasses system, control valves, sensors and stop valves.

Т01- plate heat exchanger, Т02 – shell-tube heat exchanger, КТ1...КТ3 – three-way control valve with actuator, К1....К4 – ball cock, 1 – bypass valve, 2 – recovery unit frame, 3 - remote control, МЭО – single-turn electric mechanism, 4 – thermal compensator, Привод - Drive

The heat recovery unit designed for 100 kW gas-piston installation

Reference Information

  • Production of gas installations is being carried out for more than 8 years.
  • The products are certified and approved for use.
  • Installations with a capacity of 30-315 kW are being operated throughout the whole territory of the RF - from Sakhalin to the European part.
  • On natural gas: Kurgan, mini-CHP 200 kW, Yakutia, 60 and 315 kW, Orenburg, Stavropol, Caucasus, European part of the RF – from 30 to 315 kW;
  • On associated gas: Tomsk reg. (operation completed), KamchatkGazprom (100 kW, in operation), YuzhUralNefteGas (315 kW 6 PCs, in operation)
  • Preliminary tests of work on generator (pyrolysis) gas (processing of sawdust, peat, etc.) conducted
  • The cost of generating 1 kWh of electric power by autonomous mini-CHPs on natural gas and products of thermal processing of local fuels (peat, wood waste, certain types of agricultural waste) is 0.9 - 2 rubles. Payback costs 3-5 years.
  • The cost price of electricity on associated gas is only the cost of maintenance. The payback period for installation costs was 1 month.

The most demanded power range is from 100 kW to 1 MW.