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Railway conditioning systems

Railway conditioning systems

Cooling and heating system for driver's cabins, passenger cars, crane cabins, elevators, hermetic cabins


Nominal electric power (W) 1250
Supply voltage (V) 110
Heating capacity (W) 1000
Cooling capacity (W) 1000

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Railway conditioning systems - Description


Thermoelectric air conditioning system TERMOINTECH is applicable on all kinds for track and wheeled vehicles, including construction equipment that require cooling or heating of the driver cabin, carriages, cabins of cranes, elevators and shelters.

Simplicity, reliability, reverse operation of thermoelectric air conditioners, in conjunction with the efficiency of the device, offer the perfect solution to a major problem — achieve and maintain a comfortable temperature in transport.

Technical characteristics of standard thermoelectric air conditioners for the liquid-to-air (split system)

Part designation Cooling capacity, W, not less Heating capacity, W, not less Voltage, V Electric power consumption, W, not more
TESK-1-110 1000 1000 110 1250
TESK-2-110 2000 2000 110 2500
TESK-3-110 3000 3000 110 3500
TESK-4-110 4000 4000 110 5000


Possible applications: shelter, passenger cabin, cabin of the vehicle.

The presentation of the air conditioning system for Russian Railways

Note: These specifications apply to the standard configurations. The design Department of the TERMOINTECH will develop custom tailored solutions.

Railway conditioning systems - Additional information

They provide comfortable parameters of microclimate at the working place of the engine driver in cabins of diesel-powered locomotives, electric locomotives, operators of industrial cranes of different purpose, excavators, in elevator cabins and other facilities of ground, subsurface and water transport. They are installed in the ceiling void of a diesel-powered locomotive, a carriage.

The cooling and heat discharge in thermal electric conditioners (depending on operating conditions and installation places) can be performed according to the system air-air, liquid-air, liquid-liquid. The application of the intermediate heat transfer agent (liquid) makes it possible to intensify the heat exchange process and to reduce dimensions.

Vibrations and mechanical impacts resistance, the possibility to work in the reverse mode, simplicity and originality of structures, created on the basis of thermoelectric systems by THERMOINTECH Company, open new possibilities in the transport industry.

An important advantage of the thermoelectric conditioners is the combination of cooling and heating functions.

Simplicity, high reliability, efficiency, the possibility of the reversible operation of thermoelectric conditioners on the basis of thermoelectric systems THERMOINTECH, together with the economic efficiency of the device, in the prospective they suggest the ideal solution of one of the serious issues – achievement and maintenance of the comfort temperature mode in conditions of operation at transport, both rail and wheel.