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Thermoelectric medical container

Thermoelectric medical container

Portable thermoelectric thermostats are designed for storage and transportation of thermo medical immunobiological preparations and organs


T inside the refrigerator / T environment (°С) -25/+30
Time to reach the regime, not more than (hour) 1
Maximum power consumption (W) 150
Geometric parameters (cm) 500*350*440
Weight (kg) 11
Volume (l) 20

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Thermoelectric medical container - Description

The most common medical application of TEM based systems are thermostats intended for laboratory use in medicine, pharmaceuticals and research. Maintaining a stable temperature inside the working chamber is necessary for the biological, microbiological, sanitary-bacteriological, virological and biochemical studies in clinical diagnostic, environmental and research laboratories.

The thermostats  developed by TERMOINTECH for laboratory use are the high precision temperature control devices and ideal solution for  transportation and storage of tissue samples for research, medical, immunobiological preparations and bodies, drugs.

Portable thermoelectric thermostats of types TTE-5;8;20;35;52;80 are designed for storage and transportation of thermo medical immunobiological preparations and organs:

  • vaccines;
  • organs for transplantation;
  • blood components;
  • blood plasma.

Thermoelectric medical container - Additional information


  • ecological cleanliness;
  • high reliability;
  • refrigerators are equipped with a modern microprocessor-based automatic system for maintaining the set temperature (± 0.5 °C);
  • refrigerators have a modern design, light, compact, with high reliability;
  • the main components of domestic products.

Transportation and storage:

  • vaccines: + 2 ÷ 8 °C;
  • donated blood: + 2 ÷ 6 °C;
  • plasma: -18 °C;
  • organs for transplantation: -18 °C;
  • drug transportation: +400 °C.

Power supplies:

  • converter 220V - 12V;
  • onboard vehicle network 12V;
  • battery 12V;
  • solar battery 12V.

Parameters displayed on the display:

  • t inside the refrigerator set;
  • t inside the refrigerator is actual;
  • power consumption of the refrigerator.