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Built-in thermostabilization system

Built-in thermostabilization system

Air cooling system is universal device designed for the incorporation into telecommunication and power cabinets


Nominal electric power (W) 500

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Built-in thermostabilization system - Description

Air cooling system is universal device designed for the incorporation into telecommunication and power cabinets. The main function is the maintenance of the set temperature inside the isolated volume of telecommunication, power cabinets and devices similar to them.

The cooling (heating) is performed with the help of a thermoelectric transducer.

The thermal stabilization system is designed for long-term autonomous operation in remote areas without qualified maintenance that practically excludes the possibility of using compressor cooling systems.

Typical areas of use of telecommunication thermostatic cabinets are the placement of the following equipment:

  • digital relocation of the numbering capacity in rural networks during the replacement of analogous OS;
  • base stations in cellular and trunking networks;
  • rebroadcasting radio-relay equipment;
  • organization of the communication road network;
  • organization of the intellectual transport system (ITS).

Built-in thermostabilization system - Additional information

The system consists of external and internal contours of heat transfer filled with liquid coolant and separated by blocks of thermomelectric assemblies.

Programmable controller based on data received from the sensors controls:

  • thermoelectric assemblies;
  • fans;
  • regulation set point temperature.

The thermoelectric system of climate-control or refrigeration machine have several advantages compared to traditional solutions:

  • No harmful refrigerants and respectively ecological purity of the product
  • Low maintenance
  • Resistance to thermal cycling
  • The system can easily withstand numerous on and off switching
  • Small weight and dimensions of the system
  • Operational in extreme temperature range from -40°C/+50°C

* At the moment there are several modifications of similar machines in development with a refrigerating capacity of 300 — 1000 W. Power consumption is 350 — 1300 W. Weight from 12 to 25 kg.

Freon refrigerants free.

Heat exchange system of air-to-air type.

An important advantage of systems is the combination of functions of cooling and heating.

The main components of the product are of domestic production.